Mile High Flea Market

A Decades Old History

Have you been to the Mile High Flea Market in Henderson, Colorado? They are open year round during the weekends for any and all visitors, in or out of state with an estimated one millions visitors each year. Founded in 1976, Mile High Flea Market is the oldest market in Colorado with it's initial start in the parking lot in front of the Commerce City dog track before settling in 1986 in it's new and permanent 80-acre home. A rich history lasting nearly 40 years is now housing an estimated 2,500 vendors with goods ranging from clothing, car parts, home appliances, etc. along with daily Fresh Farmers Marketplace produce and foods like turkey legs, agua frescas, and beer carts. 

WOW Flea Market Experience

WOW Closet CO was honored this past weekend to be a part of this long standing establishment, selling our apparel to local and visiting customers including families from Nebraska and a retired couple touring from Maine. The beauty of meeting so many new faces and the stories that brought them here has been amazing! We were able to see the joy in some of our patrons' eyes when seeing our beloved El Chavo del Ocho, the main character for a Mexican sitcom of the same name that aired from 1973 to 1980, and hearing their childhood memories. Others who came to browse were, as always, absolutely in love with our Charros Bros Mario and diva-licious Señora Piggy. 

However, what the flea market taught us was the continued value of family and community. Many of our surrounding vendor neighbors came from families who were struggling to make enough money to support their families and pay their bills, especially during these harder times as we transition out of the Covid-19 pandemic. Across from us was an elderly gentleman who offered watch and jewelry repair. A pair of siblings were located to one side trying to make extra cash and on the other side was an elderly grandmother who did was not completely fluent in English but smiled and took care of us like her own. We may have only been at the Mile High Flea Market for a single weekend but the memories, emotions, and stories that we were privileged to hear and experience will be for a life time. And we hope and pray for nothing but the continued success, health, and happiness for all those we have encountered while in Henderson, Colorado. 

Additional Information

Here, shopping is made easy with cart rentals (even ones specifically for your furry friend(s))! And if you're bringing the kids or guests from out of town? Mile High Flea Market offers entertainment rides on Saturdays and Sundays! The Market is open 7 AM MST - 5 PM MST. Curious about pricing? No worries! Here are a list of prices direct from their website.

Fridays$2 per person (check out their events page to see when admissions are free)
Saturdays and Sundays $3 per person
3-Day Pass $5 per person
Annual Buyer's Pass$89 per person
Children Under 12Always Free!

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