Our First and Last Starfest


Heaven E. Javalera

Starfest is the enterprise for the celebration of science fiction entertainment. Starfest has been around since 1977 in Denver, CO, and recently beamed down from May 13th - 15th, 2022 at Hyatt Regency Denver Tech for their final quest. 

Nadia and I heard about Starfest through my older brother who has been going to the fandom event since 2011 where he met the renowned Marina Baccarin for the first time and was instantly cultivated.  We decided to join our fellow lifeforms in the glorious event that is Starfest and present upon them our screen-printed, texturized, comic book-inspired t-shirts for the first time.  

The t-shirts we sell, as our loyal customers already know, are various designs from nostalgic to trending topics with a Dio De Los Muertos, Aztec, and Mayan mash-up. Not only is the design unique but some contain various effects such as: flock, glow in the dark , high density and gel effects to enhance the image and provide a different innovation to fashion. 

    Risuena Designed by Karani Art with flock texture

We were not expecting the grand reaction we received from the family of fans that attended. They collectively said words/phrases like “unique”, “refreshing”, “never seen before”, “beautiful”, and the most used phrase, “WOW”. We were so ecstatic and overcome with love from everyone that attended and fellow vendors that we were happy to have found a home. It wasn't until a customer explained to us that this was the last Starfest after 45 years. We felt an overwhelming sense of heartbreak as it was our first and last Starfest experience but the friendships we developed will forever live on.  We made tons of connections, received immense support, obtained loads of feedback on the artwork, and acquired more design ideas from various fans to see at the upcoming Fan Expo 2022 from July 1-3, 2022 at the Colorado Convention Center.   

StarFest attendees May 15, 2022

Starfest may have ended its chapter but our collective love for science fiction entertainment will march on. We hope to see all you Earthlings at Fan Expo 2022!   

Let us know what designs you want to see at the upcoming Fan Expo in the comments section!

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