FanX Salt Lake - Weekend of first time adventures

This past weekend, WOWCloset was able to take part in the 10th anniversary for FanX Salt Lake, one of the biggest anime/comic expos held in the beautiful, breathtaking Salt Lake City the capital of Utah! The event took place from September 22 to September 24 starring some popular guest panelists including Gaten Matarazzo (star of Stranger Things) and Bryce Papenbrook (Anime Voice Actor) along with over 100 vendors and artisans filling the entire Salt Palace Convention Center in the heart of downtown Salt Lake. The variety of faces and goods were simply amazing due to the fact that not only were there amazingly talented individuals presents but also because the size of the convention center far out rivaled even our own Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver. With roughly 700,000 square feet of grand ballroom space, 10 exhibit halls, and multiple modular meeting rooms, the Salt Palace was a sight to behold both within and outside of it's walls. If there is one sight to surely put on your bucket list, this landmark would definitely be one of them!Salt Palace Convention Center

The WOW Experience

FanX Salt Lake marks WOWCloset's first event in the Beehive State! And it truly was the best way to experience this momentous milestone in our journey. With over 100,000 visitors in the span of three days coming from not only Utah but from all surrounding states and even as far north as Canada, we were absolutely mesmerized by the ingenuity of the costumes and machinery that walked the dozens of aisles. There were four R2D2 robots seen rolling through all halls and floors of the convention center, built by the Rocky Mountain Droid Builders. Some attendees took costume making to the next level including two who were dressed as the Demogorgon from Stranger Things and Xenomorph from the Alien Franchise, with added effects such as opening their mouths like their screen counter parts, mobile limbs and tails with added sound effects, drooling, and nearly accurate anatomy reconstruction. There were sights that we had, until that point, not seen before and it was such an amazing, thrilling, and memorable experience that we take home with us. 

WOWCloset was situated in Aisle 800, booth 833 to be exact. Our personal experience? A learning process of work and patience. Every day we learned something new about the way we work, the way we interact, and/or the way we are in an unfamiliar environment. Having four members of staff together in a 10 ft x 20 ft space required us to be close and learn how to navigate around and with each other. There were moments where we had a less than easy time melding our four individual personalities and styles together but overall, we did an amazing job and met our own personal goals.FanX Salt Lake Day 1 Booth 833

And the more exciting news? We were able to debut our new Pain shirt which was supremely popular, especially with the teen and 20s aged consumers. The best part about him besides the design itself? He also glows in the dark with added gel texture surrounded by Quetzalcoatl. Along with our new shirt came our newly updated Lil' Slashers that now presents with fall colors which better suit their spooky season representation. The design now has far more orange, brown, and red added that sets the right tone for our three horror film classics: Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, Freddy Kreuger from Nightmare on Elm Street, and Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise. Check out our all of our amazing shirts and other apparel! And let us know what you think of the designs and what parts are you favorite about them! We love feedback and suggestions for any and all future designs, and even about current designs!

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