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     Have you heard the news? WOW Closet, since October 2022, is now offering Limited-Edition Designs with customizable sizes and apparel! Our ever-expanding business now able to, within a limited space and time, cater more to the wants and desires of our valued customers. We have had two Limited-Edition Designs debut since the beginning of October. The first was our Wrecking Ball Darth Karanius, a parody of Miley Cyrus’ hit single, Wrecking Ball released in August 2013. Our beloved design team made sure to pay special homage to the iconic music video by having Darth Vader swinging through the galaxy while riding the Death Star in his signature black and red outfit. Following the first design we chose to bring the theme back to our company’s roots, Mexican/Aztec/Mayan inspired and influenced designs. Our Calavera Delic continues our line of beautiful and hypnotizing Calaveras. Similar to our mesmerizing La Calavera, Calavera Delia pays tribute to the colors and beauty of nature through it’s more yellow themed design. Much like the colors of fall it shows the grandeur and elegance of yellow, which can also be considered a gold that matches Marigolds, a flower most commonly associated with Día de los Muertos that symbolizes the brevity and beauty of life that is also believed to help guide the dead to their ofrendas (altars).  

     However, the most exciting news to come with our Limited-Edition Designs is the added bonus. When you text or call 720-919-1474 or email us at [email protected] to request an order of our Limited-Edition Design, you are also guaranteed a fully customized apparel. While the color of the design and shirt itself cannot be altered, customers are now able to request these specific limited designs on multiple apparel choices and sizes. From children to adults, our sizes have been expanded to include anything from XS to 5XL. And our design will be available not only on our signature WOW Closet 100% pre-shrunk cotton unisex t-shirts but also in tank tops, V-necks, hoodies, long sleeves, and more! Get a design that will match you on apparel you can see yourself wearing for years to come! All our materials are high quality, durable, and product tested before production is continued. 

      While we cannot disclose what our next design will be, we can guarantee that it will be well worthy of the title “Limited-Edition.” Get a Limited-Edition WOW Closet Design for all the special people in your life including friends and loved ones for the upcoming holidays or any special occasions. These special design deals are only available for one week each before they are discontinued. Check back regularly on our website,, or follow our social media to see what the next Limited-Edition Design will be. And don’t forget to comment below what you would love to see us make next or what you think should become part of our regular WOW Closet Apparel line up!

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